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  • Playing videos on YouTube will display low quality settings only. Higher quality settings are definitely available--tested by opening same source in chrome and Firefox. The quirky part is that this is not always the case. Videos may display a quality setting of only 360p, but if I open the same exact content in a different browser there will be options from 360p and UP. If I select something else, it show all the options available without any issue.
    If the above information is not thorough enough or you need more information just let me know. I hope this help.
    I am really liking this browser.

  • @diahron Not noticed this myself.
    As you say it is not always; might help if we could check urls to videos that show the problem.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Check support for YT codec and formats through here.

    If H264 and H264 & MSE are missing:

  • @muratservan I think the "check" link you intended was

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @TbGbe Opps. :) Thanks for correcting.

  • How do I check the settings and change them if needed? A tutorial or site reference would be appreciated. Thanks

  • @diahron Which settings? If you mean the "quality" on Youtube, then those are Youtube settings, nothing to do with Vivaldi.

    As Long as Vivaldi has the needed codecs etc and your hardware will support it, there are no other browser settings.

    You can check how Vivaldi is using your hardware at vivaldi://gpu/

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