Interface disappears when opening YouTube videos

  • I couldn't see that anyone's mentioned having this problem, so here it is: Sometimes, when I open a YouTube video (I'm mostly opening them directly, from a speed dial folder), the interface disappears and I'm left with the sound and processes going, but no interface. I have to start closing processes then, until I get one that closes the whole lot. I think it occurs mostly when I don't have a video already open, though I can't say for sure, so I wondered if it's something being initialised. Anyway, loving the browser - especially its colour changing, depending on the site.

  • do you have a solutioion for this? i still have this problem even with version (64bit version) on my Win7 64Bit PC

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    No solution yet. This has proved to be a pretty tenacious bug. And though, while still trying to finish the basic features of the browser the devs have also done an admirable job of pest control, this hardy little bugger continues to elude them.

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    The problem seems to lie with Flash. You can try deleting the Top Sites file in your user folder or use a clean profile.

    If still not working then disable Flash and start using the HTML5 player in YouTube. The only down for HTML5 player in Vivaldi is the lack of x264 codec which makes Vimeo and other services unavailable.


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