Feature Request: Enhanced profile support

  • I currently use Vivaldi for both Personal and Work purposes. I have accomplished this by creating separate shortcuts, one for Vivaldi Work and one for Vivaldi Personal. This allows me to keep my personal and work bookmarks/plugins/etc. running in separate windows, and (more importantly) backed up to separate systems (I don't want personal junk taking up space on business backup servers).

    This creates two problems:

    1. Any url I click in a third-party application fails to open entirely. I haven't figured out how to make either of my Vivaldi instances the default browser in Windows.
    2. When my Work instance crashes (an inconvenience, but not a deal breaker) I can reopen it and continue where I left off with no problem. When my Personal instance crashes, about half the time it loses all records of the previous session and I have to restore from "wetware" memory.

    My dream scenario would be the following:
    In Preferences:

    • Have a section to create and manage profiles
    • Include ability to choose where the files for each profile are stored
    • Be able to choose the "default" profile, for which profile to launch when opening a new Vivaldi instance/window or ask every time. This could be either the same as where external urls are directed to, or that could be configured separately.

    In interface:

    • Have menu/commands to launch another profile in a new window (from Vivaldi menu), similar to "New private window" command.
    • Update New Window command to either open default profile, current profile, or ask which profile to launch.
    • Make sure that closing the only window for a profile "closes" that profile (save session information, etc.)

    In "future":
    If Vivaldi ever goes a similar direction to Opera and offers to save user/session information online, add the option to either have separate Vivaldi user accounts associated with each profile, or to have multiple profiles synchronized to a single account (probably would need to be managed through the Preferences).

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    @Llamanerds This should be simple by using the Standalone installation option for whichever you don't want to set as the default browser.

  • @Pesala That might work for two profiles (I'll have to see if that fixes either of my problems above). But I want a single computer account to have more than 2 profiles (e.g. I want my kids who share an account to each have their own profile), then that doesn't address the issue.

  • @Llamanerds Unsure why you won't use User accounts but anyway does the suggestion from @den_po help (I haven't tried this)?

  • @TbGbe @Pesala I had a chance to play with this a bit over the weekend, and was able to figure out what Pesala was talking about.

    Yes, I think the Standalone installation option will work fine for what I'm trying to do. It would still be nice to be able to "integrate" multiple profiles into a single installation of the browser, but for my immediate purposes (keeping my personal data off of our work backup server) it will do just fine.


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