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  • So... back in the days of Opera there was a feature to set number of columns for express panel.
    I couldn't find it in here. So here is a question: is it here and i just couldn't find it? Or it is not and if so then i would like to know if it will be added in the future.
    And just to add a note, i know there is possibility to set up to 6 columns... but it's just not enough. I used to have like 7x5, 9x5 express panel back then... I know i can add all of them here, but i dont want to scoll it to get ones at the bottom.

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    @Nightheaven There's never been an express panel in Opera. Firefox copied the Speed Dial from Opera and named it as Express Panel as far as I know.

    More columns, resizable thumbs, custom thumbs, less row spacing, no close button, are all high on my wish-list for Vivaldi. Most can be done with some coding,

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  • Well.... yeah, i know it was called different back then in opera, but the purpose of it was the same as vivaldis' express panel, so that's what I called it here.
    So, as i understand, there is no such a thing... yet. Well, gonna wait for it then.
    And yeah, thanks for the link, might check it out later on and try to customize some stuff if that would be possible.

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    I don't know if you're relying on translations, but here in UK English, it's still called the Speed Dial. It's never been called anything else AFAIK.

    0_1479505951189_Speed Dial.png

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    @Nightheaven - This may be a translation issue. In English, there is no "express panel" in Vivaldi. It's called "Speed Dial." However, I believe this has been translated into Russian and similar languages as "Express Panel." I don't know why "Speed Dial" can't be the same name across localized versions, but apparently it can't. So I think the final word on this is that the reason Speed Dial isn't as flexible and powerful in some respects in Vivaldi, as it was in Opera, is just that the feature is not complete yet, and many more customizations and features will be coming to it. We will eventually be able to increase columns, change thumbnail sizes. etc. Sorry if the language barrier makes this seem weird. But I think you're just looking for features we don't have YET.

  • Yeap, checked english version and it was called Speed Dial... it's strange they called it otherwise...
    But yeah, as i said earlier, i know that there's still work in progress and that is why i asked if they implemented this features and i just couldn't find it or it's just not out yet.


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