Adobe Flash v10 or higher...

  • Is Vivaldi supporting Adobe Flash v10 or higher? Is there any settings within Vivaldi?

    My other browsers Chrome, Firefox or Explorer is not asking for an update only Vivaldi? I am addicted to - my favorite radio stations is not available in Vivaldi.

    Only Adobe Flash Player 20 ActiveX is installed on the laptop. Installing the Flash driver suggested will not solve the issue. Is there a separate Adobe Flash setting somewhere....

  • "Pandora is only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand right now".

    However, I strongly suspect that Flash version is NOT the problem but if you only have ActiveX version that is the problem (Vivaldi needs PPAPI version).

    Open Help/About and see what version of Flash Vivaldi is using (if any).

    If no flash - see

  • @TbGbe

    Pandora is available where I am.

    According to Vivialdi About, Flash is installed. That is not sufficient for Vivaldi. My Virus and Mailware prevents me from installing Adobe Flush PPAPI

    I got the sufficient Flash installed for all other Browsers. I just tested Exchange, Chrome, Firefox. Why will Vivaldi require PPAPI?

  • @Mogle There are 3 types of Flash - Activex, NPAPI and PPAPI

    Activex is for I.E. (possibly Edge but that is maintained direct from Microsoft now)
    NPAPI is for Firefox (and older browsers) but considered by some to be more unsafe
    PPAPI is for Chromium based browsers and considered by some more secure than NPAPI

    Regarding Pandora, I only meant that I can't check it to see what is happening.

    If AntiVirus and Malware is preventing Flash update, then THEY must need updating.
    Latest Flash (direct from Adobe) should not be blocked by them.

    Which version of Flash do you have in your Chrome?

    They should both use the same Flash (PPAPI) version.
    If they are the same, then Pandora is not recognising Vivaldi (not the Flash) and you may need to use an Agent Switcher Extension from the Chrome store (see Vivaldi / Tools / Extensions).

  • @TbGbe


    I am running ActiveX and PPAPI version 23.00.207. I think that is the latest release.

    Pandora,com runs well under Vivaldi when using an Explorer extension. I would think Vivaldi is not recognized by Pandora, and they are therefore requesting a Adobe Flash update. They are asking for update to Adobe Flush version 10 or higher.

    I will drop an email to Pandora Support and tell them about Vivaldi!

    Thanks again,


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