"lightweight" / "stripped" - mode

  • My apologies for the awkward topic title.
    I hesitated a long time before making an attempt for this request.

    If it's possible I would like to see that the browser can be started in a stripped down mode where only the bare necessities are running to render a page (only address-bar, refresh button, ...)

    This for situations where you for example want to start the browser and pass an argument a a google doc url.
    In this case a separate instance of the browser would be started where only the only the bare necessities are loaded (No plugins, extensions, and no other unnecessary components thus making this stripped down version as light as possible but in a state that allows it to render complex sites/web apps.

    It's a bit of a contradiction: Wanting to render complex sites/web apps in a stripped down mode.

    The idea is that he user double clicks the google docs shortcut and then the browser loads in lightweight-mode, making the loading process faster. And off course, internet connection also plays a big role. (It's like double clicking a text-file and windows loads notepad almost instantly with the text-file loaded in.
    With the lightweight mode I would like to see Vivaldi try to approach this)

    Maybe it's a moot request because most of the times the browser is already loaded thus the resources are already available.

    It's maybe more of an idea then a request... I don't know... I just wanted ask if it even is something to think about.

    Thank you.

  • So what you really want is very fast start-up and stripped down version is your solution.


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