[feature request] Disabling password manager.

  • Hi, i've played around with the tech preview and I'd like to share some ideas. The first one for this thread would be to add the ability to disable the password manager. I'm used to remember my passwords and I never ever saves them into my browser. At the moment, for every site I log into, I got the notification "Would you like vivaldi to store your password". There are multiple answers possible: Yes, No, never for the site. It would be great to have also : never store any password.

  • This option to choose to save or not to save passwords I am sure will be an option in the coming releases of new versions. I would also like to see an option to be able to choose to enable or disable auto-fill on text boxes, etc. too. Although convenient sometimes I don't want that stuff saved either.

  • In addition, I do not like how Vivaldi and other chromium based browsers auto-populate the login fields when on a login page. I prefer how old Opera handled it; nothing appears until you hit either ctrl+enter or the wand button. Please bring this into Vivaldi, simply because it adds that one small extra layer of safety.


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