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  • Imagine you read Wikipedia and you have three or more items opened. To keep your overview, it is useful grouping these individual tabs (Stack-Tabs). So it is done and you close your browser. You open the browser and your stacked items all in the waste. Would it not better grouped Tabs to pin on as like as a single tab (you pin)? So the browser can closed every time and open the browser anew your Wikipeda Tab-Group is ready for further reading. Of course one can send your stacked tabs to bookmarks, but what for a mess there.

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    @myopic - Pinning stacked tabs/stacking pinned tabs is already being looked at...

  • @Ayespy Great. Look forward. Just belongs to a good browser.

  • @myopic I do not know whether this is a bug. I save my grouped tabs via Bookmark Tab stacks but really saved is only one tab from the grouped, namely the first one stack. Interestingly, you can save your grouped tabs proper if you choose File - Save Open Tabs as Session..., and before you save delete the ungrouped tabs. But this one path to do it, better seems me I could pin my grouped tabs, close the browser and reverse and have anew my group (except, I cleaned the browser cache before :)).

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