Links slow to open or render

  • Why does clicking on a link or opening a link in a new tab take so long to load?

    When a link is clicked, the browser sits there and does nothing for several seconds.
    Opening a link in a new tab will sometimes work, but more often it just has a blank display for several
    seconds and then it shows the page.

    This happens on all Windows 10 64bit systems that have Vivaldi installed.

  • Hi, please add links to these pages and your Vivaldi version.
    I don´t have such Problems with latest snapshot 1.5.658.21

    Cheers, mib

  • @terseone I've noticed this to some extent. Often, if you look at the status bar or information overlay, you may notice that the browser is waiting on one particular host to connect.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    We have version1.4.589.38 installed on all our systems.
    This is the most recent stable release. I have not tried the latest 1.5 test or RC releases.

    The issue is random and it happens on any number of links.

    Some times the delay is long enough that I can load up Chrome or Operator and paste the link
    into those browsers and the page loads before Vivaldi finishes.

    As stated before, opening a new tab usually loads the page quicker.
    The new tab will render before the original tab completes loading.

    Hopefully the updated 1.5 [stable ] release will improve the performance.


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