Bug: Pasting in URL bar does not remove auto complete text

  • Start typing in the URL bar so that there is auto complete text longer than the copy buffer. CTRL-V to paste. The pasted text overwrites the length of the auto complete text equal to the length of the copy buffer but leaves the rest of the auto complete text.


    • Copy "[copied text]".
    • I type "test" into the URL bar.
    • Auto complete adds " Center review: Deep dive into ".
    • The text looks like: "test Center review: Deep dive into "
    • I paste using CTRL-V
    • The text looks like: "test[copied text]w: Deep dive into "


    Vivaldi: 1.4.589.38

  • @lostformars Checked on Windows 7 & Linux.
    This does not happen using Vivaldi 1.5 Snapshots.

    Currently, v1.5 is at RC2 so Stable should be available early next week.


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