Cast function - Dutch translation

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    RMB-clicking in a website, I noticed a new function called "Casting" that is, to my current understanding, meant to cast, forward, divert, transmit, broadcast, ChromeCast web page content to a compatible device in the home network.

    In the Dutch translation the Anglisism "Casten" is used, which is probably taken from Google's own peculiar porting of the verb. Now, I'm not a language puritan, but I do care about my language and looking at possible translations of the verb (broad)cast, I see a few Dutch translations that could do rather nicely, such as "zenden", "uitzenden", "verspreiden".

    Just for consideration

  • @S_Paternotte Currently Chromium-derived strings are not translatable at all in Vivaldi. This also causes a number of English strings in contextual menus. It will be addressed as soon as translating these strings becomes possible, although translating this sort of technical idiom and neologisms remains difficult (finding the right balance in translating the Inspector tools is also one of the challenges I see).


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