"Find in Page" Feature on Bookmarks Toolbar

  • The new browser seems very promising indeed. I really miss the old Opera feature where theBookmarks Toolbar could be customized so as to place not only Bookmarks but also "Search" and "Find in Page". This is gone in the new Opera and in Vivaldi too, it seems. There is no "always-visible-yet-not-vertical-space-consuming" Bookmarks Toolbar, which is a shame, but I wish there could be at least an always on "Find in Page" field that did not consume significant screen real estate. Something akin to the "'Search" field, in the exact same position, in fact, but dedicated to finding things inside the page. That way, one would not to always have to type a command in order to bring up the Find in Page interface (a real hassle for those of us who are always looking for specific contents in large pages with lots of text). Thank you.

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    I would like to see this feature, too.
    There should be an option to set "Find in page" as the default for the search engine input field.

  • Although I see your point pressing F3 is pretty simple at this stage of development.

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    I don't understand this need at all. The search field is for search the Internet with your default search engine, or with other engines if using a keyword. Find in page is a different function entirely, and easily invoked by F3 or Ctrl F.

  • Is it such a different function? Technically yes, but it's a search in all cases. And in my opinion it is easier to use this way. Possibly out of habit.

  • Need "always on find-in-page" field


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