Interesting point of view about new trends in M$ Windows

  • Microsoft's actions are clearly anti-competitive, but I have yet to see a third-party virus scanner that played it nicely by staying out of the way and actually doing what it's supposed to, without hijacking the browsers and opening new pathways for exploitation. The last time I tried Kaspersky's product, it just didn't work in that particular machine. Microsoft's scanner has been barely functional until Windows 10 where it has started to work well enough, so I'm not surprised that they are pushing it. Being gratis is a major selling point.

    I think that it's kind of lame to accuse a corporation of evilness or doing morally wrong things. Commercial companies by definition don't have any morals, and they are fully allowed – one could say even required – to claim that they have values when they actually don't (which is what Eugene Kaspersky is doing). The company officials are also not guilty to the extent that their only job is to help the company make as much money as possible for the shareholders.

    If you want open platforms, you need to make laws that require openness, define the limits of the requirements clearly, and enable fast sanctions when (not if) companies break the rules. So the lawmakers and, by proxy, voters are to blame.

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    I quit using 3rd party security software ages ago, because it interfered with the proper functioning of my machines. Instead, I use a physical firewall, the built-in security apps for Windows 7, 8, 10; and safe browsing practices.

    That said, it is infuriating the way major updates to Windows 10 throw out your default settings and even disable software that was running fine before the update. The windows apps for various functions are decidedly inferior to ones I have chosen to use instead, and I do get tired of having to re-set my defaults.

  • @Ayespy I use Linux and have none of these problems 😀

  • @Ayespy Yep, It's been quite a few years since I last installed an antivirus or security software.
    They invariably let anything harmful through, fail to get virus and malicious stuff and worst of all, all they do is give false positives, block your legitimate activities and get in the way of your intended actions.

    Antivirus are the new virus. Besides they require application developers to pay to be white listed, which is a huge no for independent software and open source projects, with limited financial resources.

  • I am too not a fan of slowing down my systems by adding resource-hungry services that work in background.
    And I support opinion that they are pretty useless because their abilities to protect computer from threats like 0-days are just hilarious in majority of cases (and not only - you don't have to posess some superskills to just pass them. I know because I was having fun writing rootkits few years ago)

    But the changes in Microsoft policy makes me think that maybe time has come to get more familiar with *nix.
    It is really crazy what they do... And what Windows is becoming.

    BTW when I had heard that it won't be possible to totally shutdown telemetry in new Windows Server i just started to laugh...
    The Server line was last resort of not dumbed down Windowses... (I really want to cut myself when I have to work with Win 8 / 10)

  • @ROTFL Yep, resource consumption is also a serious concern.

    Anyway I am still under Windows 7 and was really eager to try 10, but after reading this I am not so sure anymore.
    I do have some requirements for work for which I still haven't found decent alternatives under Linux, plus my gaming hobby is also a blocker at the moment.

    But I am more and more considering switching to some form of Linux as my main OS, and after this I got even more convinced.

  • @duarte.framos If that's got you convinced to switch to Linux, this should have you sold:

    and lastly,

    On the last site, it does look a little old, but it's still pretty relevant. Bttom line, I just think that Microsoft makes products that are really not great at all, and they've taken up a pretty big monopoly of the industry and held it back. I think the Surface Studio looks decent, so I'm surprised they actually made a decent-looking rounded piece of hardware, which contrasts their squared off UX design, but it looks nice and I hear it works well. Other than that, I find MS software to be a lot worse than the competition. It just doesn't work, it's buggy, unstable, and resource-heavy. As an OS, I find Linux far superior, which I use more and more lately.

    As for the other alternatives, like email, I've used Outlook and it's a nightmare, so I switched. I still use Gmail, which I don't love, and I want to use Protonmail, but at least both are better than Outlook by far.

    For office suites, I haven't used MS Office in years, and I'm sure it's alright, but other than compatibility, it doesn't sound like it has things I absolutely need. LibreOffice has everything I need, it's very compatible with MS Office, and it just works. I don't feel the need for anything else.

    I never used IE, and I don't use the new Edge, but there's not much that is really different from Chrome and Firefox.

    As for gaming consoles, I never had an Xbox, and besides Halo and maybe some other exclusives, I just find Sony and Nintendo more appealing and unique.

    As for PC gaming, that's the only thing Windows seems to be better at than the other OSs. Steam still needs to catch up on Mac and Linux, and until then, it's best to play Steam on Windows. Though there are still some popular games on Steam for Linux, so you might not be exclusively playing on Windows. And you might want to use W10 instead of W7 for that, since W10 has DX12.

    These days, it just looks like the only thing that Windows has over the competition is gaming, and in other areas it doesn't outshine Mac and Linux in. I just find that MS makes really mediocre products, and have always done so. That's my 2 cents on the matter.


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