Add a History tab to the Panel

  • I find myself reusing a lot of the same pages through the day. As a software engineer I'm often checking JIRA, github, jenkins, etc. It would be nice to have a History panel with the search option to easily find previous pages.

    I use the URL bar to do that now, but a history panel would provide a longer and more complete list of URLs. It might even be good to sort by number of times visited, or be able to temporarily pin some.

  • Moderator

    @NiteShdw - History re-write is in progress. You will see much of what you are looking for, including a History panel.

  • @NiteShdw : a poor man's substitute in the mean time could be creating a web panel with "vivaldi://history/"

    (not my idea, I read it somewhere over the forum, I use it from time to time)

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