[Feature request] Native "Open With ______ Browser"

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    Is an example of the Firefox Add-on that is a wonderful tool, even for Power Users such as myself.

    I am aware that Chrome, and I guess by extension, Chromium, will not allow you to open other browsers natively. Is there either a way around this, or a trusted add-on installation program that enables this to happen? ↓

    0_1479286511937_GCscreenshot-fragment chrome web store.png

    I blog using WordPress, but still must ensure universal look/feel across browsers and devices as much as possible. I currently have 5 browsers on my system. Vivaldi is main, but still have certain page bugs that Chrome doesn't. Firefox, Edge [bribe usage], and IE exists.

  • +1, I kind of miss that feature, the old Opera had it.


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