[Resolved] "Feature request" sub - creating new subject / deleting my own posts / purging deleted

  • Hello

    Just 2 quick things

    1. I have noticed that I'm unable to delete my own posts in "Vivaldi Browser / All platforms / Features requests / Feature requests for 1.5 " ("You don't have privileges to take this action blah blah...")
    2. How to create new subject in "Feature requests"?!?! I cannot see "New topic" button... nor I'm able to choose this section while creating new post...

  • Similar problems with deleting post and trying to use "Purge" (tested in this thread)
    purge failed

  • Changed the settings, users can now edit and/or delete (for a limited amount of time after posting).

  • @steinar I still got error popup after trying to "Purge"
    How big is this timespan?

  • @ROTFL purging is for moderators only. Users can delete their own posts though. (soft-delete that is)

    I set the time limit as one hour. If you have older posts you want to delete, let me or a moderator know :slight_smile:

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