One day crashed... and now it doesn't even open

  • One day I was viewing a Youtube video, and suddenly Vivaldi, crashed. When I tried to open it again, Vivladi doesn't launch. I saw the task manager and when I launch Vivaldi, the task appear for a few seconds and then dies. I uninstalled it and install it again and it still doesn't open. I install the latest snapshot and is the same history. Searching in the Vivaldi directory, I found debug.log with this message multiple times:
    "[1114/122035:WARNING:in_range_cast.h(38)] value 504409755419149312 out of range
    [1114/122035:WARNING:in_range_cast.h(38)] value 3386757498072476672 out of range
    and a new line with the same text appears every time I try to open Vivaldi.

    Please help 😨

  • @xuxe I forgot, the OS is Windows 7 ._.

  • Okay, what is Vivaldi Version?
    if you don't idea, the color of logo 🙂

    Could you try launch vivaldi in safe mode?

    For launch in Safe mode,
    Open command prompt and paste this:
    cd "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Vivaldi Web Browser\Application"
    click enter and after paste this and press enter:
    vivaldi.exe /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1 --disable-extensions --disable-plugins

  • @xuxe You could try a profile reset

    Vivaldi version info in File/Help/About

  • @borrougagnou Now I have installed version 1.5.658.3, but the crash was originally in 1.4
    When I launch it in safe mode, a 112 KB process executes and stay there... doing nothing.

  • @xuxe retry launch, with my vivaldi Beta, I need to launch 2 or 3 the same command for Vivaldi "real" launch, after is possible to remove all profile or change profile (look link of TbGbe)

  • @TbGbe It worked! (somehow)

    Luckily i could export the bookmarks, so nothing of value was lost

    Thanks for the help everyone


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