Vivaldi cant stop processes after close

  • Hello,
    I have a problem,
    I nothing idea why, but when I quit Vivaldi Beta 1.5,
    the process continue to work... is not cool... he consume RAM...
    Vivaldi Process in Task Manager

    And if I try stop vivaldi.exe (beta), many time he have a message by my plugin explain me he crash, just because is difficult to stop the true "vivaldi.exe"
    impossible to find the "real process" because
    he exist other fork of Vivaldi but the fork is just another extensions for Vivaldi
    alt text

    he possible to repair this bug... is not cool,
    why not use "Vivaldi.exe" for the program and "Vivaldi_ext.exe" for the Vivaldi extension? is cool and is easy after for quit correctly Vivaldi.
    And repair yet If I quit Vivaldi, all Vivaldi Program stop.


    PS: I don't try for the moment with Vivaldi 1.4

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  • I'm using the latest stable version and I sometimes have kinda the same problem: I close Vivaldi but still have a process running that consumes a lot of ressources. Have to stop it manually, but that works without errors.

  • @borrougagnou One thing you could try is disabling processes on exit

    (Note: url changes to vivaldi:// after you press enter)

  • @TbGbe sorry for you I have uncheck this case but don't change... (try with Vivaldi Beta)

  • taskman

    Kill all vivaldi.exe processes:

    taskkill /F /FI "IMAGENAME eq vivaldi.exe"

  • @den_po sorry for you but I don't have this description.... Possibly Windows 10 = / = Windows 7
    alt text
    alt text

    but same, why don't change the name for the process

  • Hi @borrougagnou ,

    To see the command-line in task manager as shown in the post by @den_po :

    • Go to the Details tab in task manager (as you did already)
    • Right-click a column header
    • Select the Select columns item (I'm translating from a French Win10, so maybe it's not the exact translation).
    • In the new dialog, check Command-line and click OK

  • @IcePanther Je suis français, j'ai bien compris 🙂 et tu as bien traduit.

    Ha okay yes it's visible now... Thank you,

    but I think is important to change this,
    because I don't think all user unmask "Command Line" for just simple "Force quit" Vivaldi... is not a good idea,
    I think is important to add...

  • Moderator

    A hint for others on Windows 7: In the past it rarely happened with Windows 7 that i could not close such crashed and suspended Vivaldi processes.
    I had to restart Windows 7.

    But i don't use Windows 7 anymore.


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