Bookmarks question

  • I'd like all of my bookmarks ro be in the bookmarks bar so that they are immediately accessible.

    How do I do that?

  • In the bookmark panel or bookmark manager right-click the folder that contains all your bookmarks and choose 'Set as bookmark bar folder'. I don't know how manageable this will be if you have reams of bookmarks.

  • Moderator

    I have all of mine in the bookmarks bar, but of course I'm able to do that because aside from 29 top-level ones, the rest are divided up into 6 folders, some of which have a bunch of sub-folders.

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    Edit: A few more steps are needed than I first thought:-

    1. Open the bookmarks panel
    2. Create a new folder called Bookmarks Bar and set it as your Bookmarks Bar folder
    3. Create a second new folder called Temp
    4. Use Shift + Click to select all other folders (except for Speed Dial)
    5. Drag and drop them into the Temp folder (the order will be inverted)
    6. Drag and drop them from there to the Bookmarks Bar folder (the order will be inverted again)
    7. Delete the temporary folder


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