Strange Windows

  • Hello - I am running 1.5.658.3 in Win10. I have 13 windows and 83 tabs. But if I hover on the V icon in Win10, two windows are displayed such that if I try to select either one, it just takes me to the desktop. All the other windows appear to be OK.

    In order to get all 13 windows to load, I am using Session Buddy. On its own, V does not load all the windows, only 1.

    Also I am running RoboForm. I do not know if this is a RF or V problem, but sometimes if I go to a website that requires a login, i do not get the RF popup although the info is there if I hover over the RF icon in the upper right of V. But in other windows I get the popup correctly. I wonder if RF is getting confused because of the weird window situation in V.

    I may try reverting back to V vers 1.4 to see if the same situations occur. But at least 1.5x has these problem. Good luck in finding and fixing them. I like V because it is fast like Chrome but without the Google big-brother watching.


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