Double startup of Vivaldi chokes extensions

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Sometimes, Vivaldi starts up with a series of notification messages about the Extensions not being able to load properly. For each extension in my Vivaldi setup (Xmarks, LastPass, uBlock origin, Flip Clock) I get a seperate notification popup near the Systray, similar to the Windows 10 notifications.

    This morning it happened again and I was able to understand a little bit more about the circumstances under which this may occur.

    • Vivaldi was not running
    • I started the installation of a program that I had downloaded earlier
    • After the last step in the installation process (hitting OK), I decided that I wanted to check the internet for more possible program updates. So I manually started Vivaldi.
    • At about the same time, the installer had completed its task and felt it neccessary to take me to its homepage. Vivaldi was started a second time.
    • I think that in the double startup of Vivaldi, the loading of extensions for these two instances goes wrong.


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