Installing Vivaldi on Apricity (Arch)

  • I'm new in this, have no idea what I'm doing with this distro.
    How I install Vivaldi on it? Seriously, how?

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    Try if "yaourt vivaldi" works in terminal.
    There should be a "software center" for AUR in your system. Hope you find Vivaldi there.


  • i just installed manjaro. @Panino, im trying to figure out what the hell im doing as well. looks like it's documented, but not available through pacman or octopi. im trying to avoid yaourt, but may need to do it if i can't find a workaround.

  • If Apricity is based on Arch, the AUR should work just fine. Download the Vivaldi from the AUR using either wget or git clone, then just run makepkg -sic.

    You can also use whatever AUR package manager you want, like yaourt or cower.

    EDIT: If you absolutely have no idea what to do, I recommend you learn how to install from the AUR from the Arch Wiki. But the gist of it, like I said above, is:

    • downloading the AUR package (basically just supply wget or git clone with the necessary URL -- wget will need the source URL and git clone will need a .git URL)
    • reading the PKGBUILD file with less or your favorite text editor (it is very important that you regularly check anything you install, just in case it tries to run any malicious commands)
    • installing the PKGBUILD file by running makepkg -si. I recommend the -c flag as well, to clean up anything needed for building. You might also want to run the -r flag to remove build dependencies.

    Personally, I use git clone so I have a nice git repository where I can just do git pull to fetch any latest updates. For this purpose, I also leave out the -r flag for makepkg, because I'll be reinstalling the build dependencies again when I update, anyway.


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