[Feature Proposal] Middle click behavior on "click" event

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    As we know Chromium's middle click behavior is different from other browsers. If in other browsers middle click is equal to Right click > Open link in new tab, so in Chromium based browsers (Chrome, modern Opera, Vivaldi...) Middle click sometimes is equal to Left click. For example, open this, try to middle click on T-shirt picture in Firefox/Edge/Presto Opera then in Vivaldi. First browser will open image in new Tab, but Vivaldi will execute JavaScript "click" event as if you clicked it with left mouse button.

    I'm using this extension to fix this. But I think this is important and it would be great if this fix existed directly in Vivaldi.

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    @RammsteinAM I think it's the website's developers fault (perhaps intentional - at least in some cases) and not the browser's. I use middle click mini to force the expected behavior.

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    @pafflick I don't think this is a Chromium bug or site's developer fault. I have met this behavior in many sites. For first time I have noticed this when I started trying the Opera 15, first Opera version based on Chromium (that was more than 3 years ago).

    So, I think Chromium developers decided just to make middle click that way. I'm sure Vivaldi does not need such behavior of middle click, because Vivaldi is designed for advanced users who won't see logic in that. 🙂

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    @RammsteinAM I don't know - for me it seemed like that. But I never cared enough to inspect the source code. Maybe one day I will.
    For me it also happened for the first time on Opera 15+, but since I installed the workaround extension, I forgot about the issue.

  • This is a known problem in Chromium (very annoying on the "My Subreddits" drop-down on reddit.com and Facebook comments expand link). It's handled by issue 255 and is already fixed. Just not sure when we'll see it. I haven't tried Chrome Canary for example to see if it's fixed there. I assume so though.

    The site can fix it too if they check what button was pressed and prevent the left-click behavior if it was the middle button that was pressed.

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    This bug is finally fixed in Vivaldi (also in Chrome and Opera).


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