Deezer becomes totally unresponsive (after video ad?)

  • I did a search on this topic but the only references I found were to do with Flash - and I think the current website doesn't use Flash any more...

    I've been struggling all afternoon to keep using Deezer beyond just a couple of tracks. It works fine at first, but if I leave it playing for a while and then try pressing any button with the mouse, or even keyboard shortcuts, absolutely nothing happens!

    It's still playing merrily along, but I simply cannot interact with it. I can also make new tabs in Vivaldi and these work fine.

    It's like there's a glass wall between me and the Deezer website - which may have something to do with the fact they do actually overlay a video ad every couple of tracks. I'm thinking that something about that overlay is staying there after the ad finishes.

    I had the exact same problem when I tried in Opera 12, but (naturally) the only browser that seemed to be okay with it was Internet Explorer (sigh...).

    I tried the built-in content blocker, and if I had an afternoon to kill I might have gone searching through the HTML.

    If anyone has any ideas I'd be glad to hear them.


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