How do you deal with conflicting kbd shortcuts Web page vs. Vivaldi?

  • I have an everyday problem with these kbd shortcuts:

    Triggers Vivaldi Find text in page feature
    But in Google Spreadheets the web page provides a more appropriate Find function. Instead of immediately typing my search term, I'm forced to reach for the mouse and give the focus to the page's input field.
    Which ruins the purpose of using the kbd shortcut.

    Triggers Vivaldi's Quick Commands
    But in Google Spreadsheets the expected behaviour, as in any Spreadsheet application, is to trigger edit mode of the current cell.

    Sometimes I use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. They don't steal F2 from the page, because they simply don't have F2 as a shortcut.
    But they do have Ctrl+F, and are somehow aware they should allow the Google Spreadsheets' handling to take precedence.

    I've tried for a few months to use modified shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+F instead of Ctrl+F, and Shift+F2 instead F2.
    This works per se, but it creates a huge inconvenience in on everyday basis, because I often switch between several apps/editors, and everywhere Ctrl+F works as expected. And suddenly I have to consciously think if I'm in Vivaldi or not, so I'd know to press Ctrl+Shift+F instead of Ctrl+F.

    What is your solution to this problem?
    Is there any trick I might be missing?

    And I'm pretty much tempted to ask how come Vivaldi is "the only" browser that has this issue, but I guess such a question only conveys my frustration and is not really constructive 🙂

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    @vladimirg Just edit the shortcuts to suit your needs in Preferences, Keyboard

    • For Find, use F3 (find next) or / (as in Opera 12)
    • For Quick Commands, change to Ctrl Q or whatever.

  • @vladimirg This is indeed very annoying. I don't use Google Spreadsheets much, but when I do, it always annoys me a lot.

    And redefining the shortcuts as per @Pesala's suggestion is not a real solution, it's a clunky workaround at best.

    Another thing I see that's kinda related to this is when using Tweetdeck, if I open a tweet with multiple images attached and try to scroll through the images using left and right arrows, it does switch the images, but the whole page in the background also scrolls left and right. And I think I've seen the same thing happen on other pages as well (but can only be sure about Tweetdeck right now).

    Both things mentioned only happen in Vivaldi.

  • I imagine a setting like "Let web page keyboard shortcuts take precedence over Vivaldi's" might exist in the underlying Chroimium, which is unreachable through Vivaldi's UI. (Because this seems pretty much what Chrome (and Mozilla, and hopefully Chromium) are doing)
    I hoped it were possible to reach it via some tweak in Vivaldi's config files.

    I can live with changing Vivaldi's F2 to something else, but changing Ctrl+F is proved to be unbearable for my habit across all apps, and using F3 feels also awkward; It would mean to start using F3 everywhere, not only in Vivaldi, and everywhere F3 is to find the next match of the already entered search term, while Ctrl+F is to enter a new search term...

    Well ok, thanks guys, at least I've tried ❤ 🙂


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