Keyboard shortcuts work while typing in text on the textfield in xenforo

  • So I have this strange issue where I'm trying to type something and the keyboard shortcuts are being triggered as I type. For example sometimes when I press 2 or B or whatever the page moves forward or back. It is like sometimes vivaldi just doesn't know I'm writing text (doesn't recognize the cursor is clicked into the text field) and thinks I want to trigger a keyboard shortcut. Strangely it doesn't happen every time but it happens couple times per hour at least.

    Anyone else has this? Or could it be xenforo issue?

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    Which Vivaldi (see vivaldi://about).

  • Vivaldi 1.4.589.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

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    I had a similar issue, but on Opera (Chromium) and it happened only on Facebook. I haven't experienced this on Vivaldi yet.
    I tried the Xenforo demo and it didn't happen for me, though that rich text editor that they use seems like it could cause that kind of trouble. The most likely scenario is that the text editing field loses focus (for some reason) and thus performing keyboard actions on the browser (with backspace being probably the most common one) becomes possible.
    You should try this in another browser though, to make sure whether it's a bug in Vivaldi or just their poorly scripted WYSIWG editor (my bets are on the second one). 😉

  • I know it's been three months, but I have had this issue the whole time since this thread was made - drives me nuts. Can still recreate today using 1.7.735.39, although I don't have a reliable repro yet.

    Find that the page is suddenly reloaded and the reply I was typing has been lost. Thankfully, the forum itself saves drafts, so I can then do a little workaround of moving between a couple of pages to have the forum restore my draft, but it's damned annoying. (which is Xenforo also)

    I've been complaining to the forum moderators and asking if this was a known issue, but none of them were aware of any issues. They can now reproduce also when using Vivaldi, and so far I have not reproduced when using a different browser.

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    @obskewer Do you have the "Single Key Shortcuts" in vivaldi://settings/keyboard/ enabled? I have them disabled and while I tried the Xenforo demo script, everything seemed to work correctly. I've added a couple of posts and I didn't have any unexpected page reload or anything like that...


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