Addressbar bookmark pop up

  • The folder structure I create in bookmarks is not mirrored in the addressbar bookmark pop up (flag symbol). Thus, it is every time laborious the page which I want to bookmark to place in the folder I want, since the folder is displayed in the addressbar bookmark pop up out of alphabetical order which I gave him before in the bookmarks list. Hence, I have scroll a while to encounter the place of my folder and its fortuitously position in the addressbar pop up range. I compare my problem with other known browsers as Chrome and Opera. There my problem is not. My predetermined choice is always mirrored in the bookmark pop up too.

    ![0_1478990735942_addressbar bookmark flag.jpg](Uploading 100%) Unfortunately this screenshot is missing since a 502 Bad Gateway Bug at Frankfurt Main is accrued. Note from Nov 13th, 2016

    0_1479407359679_bookmarks flag.jpg Supplement 2016-11-17

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Indeed the bookmark pop-up needs work. I hope the devs can gather as many ideas as possible before they embark on improvements. Keeping our fingers crossed for really nice changes to it eventually.

  • @g_bartsch Bookmarks less mess as one think and well manageable . But the Speed Dial should be more flexible to use. Move the bookmark to the desired folder and so ... Other third browsers are more progressive here. And, of course, mentioned before, an alphabetical order under bookmarks pop-up.


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