Vivaldi as default Browser

  • I've set Vivaldi as default Browser in Vivaldi Settings.
    Changed the settings in Settings-->System-->Default apps-->Web browser: to Vivaldi.

    Restarted windows (win 10 pro)
    clicked on whatever link in windows and it opened Firefox (my previous default browser)

    Settings-->System-->Default apps-->Web browser is still set to Vivaldi.
    In Vivaldi is indicated that Vivaldi is the default browser.

    What did I wrong?

  • Moderator

    @Reimon - You probably did everything right, but Windows doesn't always pick up every protocol when setting default. You probably just need to go back to Default Programs and this time choose "Associate a File Type or Protocol..." and pick up The HTTP and HTTPS protocols, or whatever other protocols are currently assigned to Firefox, and assign them to Vivaldi.

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