The Ultimate Compendium for Very Minor Nit-picking

  • So, I've made this thread for people who absolutely love Vivaldi, despite the fact that they found some (although minor) annoyances. So write down yours now! Personally, I've found the 'Vivaldi is showing in Fullscreen mode. Press F11 to exit.' message highly irritating. I mean, It's useful, but there's no way to get rid of it. And it stays there when you exit fullscreen mode (that's a bug I guess). Hopefully this thread will grow as more and more people add their 2 cents :).

  • Someone was complaining about this message somewhere else (Opera forum? Chrome forum?) and someone else explained it perfectly.

    Essentially it’s there for security reasons. It is possible to conceal the switch to fullscreen within a website, so it would be easy for someone to make an exact copy of a site, rig it with malicious soft and force fullscreen on an unsuspecting user. This is currently impossible because you would suddenly get a “now viewing in fullscreen” prompt which would raise suspicion (or at least should).

    As for the prompt not disappearing – it’s a bug. It does disappear for me.


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