RE: You trashed the spell checker...

  • I'm not certain with which update you did it, but you defo trashed the spellchecker! It highlights words like 'of' or 'over' as misspelled, and the is apparently no suggested spelling on right click any more for any words the spellchecker underlines as misspelled! By the way it just underlined; 'any more', and 'underlines' as misspelled, (it also says that 'By the way' is misspelled)!?!? WTF guys, I loved the browser since I first installed it, but now you have managed to; make it painfully slow on social media sites, completely break the spellchecker, half on my addons are now buggy running in Vivaldi whereas they worked perfectly well in older versions! This is the last time I will be using Vivaldi, just to post this in the forum, then its the 'AXE' for another bloated piece of useless software...

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    @mousewarp - Sounds as though your profile is corrupted. Vivaldi didn't actually make any changes affecting the problems you're having.

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    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/languages
    and look which languages for spell checker are active


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