New function: copy adres

  • New function: copy adres(from page's adres string) to clipborad with hot key for example Alt+C

    One step without focus change. Now it look very long by two step and fokus lost: F8, Ctl+C

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    @kuzduk I have no idea why anyone would vote down this idea.

    Opera 12.17 has it on both the page context menu and the tab context menu. I use the latter frequently to copy the address of background tabs as well as the current tab. I removed the option from the page context menu to keep it simple as I don't need it in two places.

  • @kuzduk Meanwhile, you might check out the extension, Copy URL+, which includes even more functionality.

  • Copy URL+ is not what i need because it copy urls from page content wia mouse selected.
    I need short cut in Settings/Keyboard for copy adres of OPENED PAGE FROM ADRES PANEL. It must be so fast like "Paste and Go" without focus change.

  • @kuzduk I thought you were looking for keyboard control, which Copy URL+ also does.

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    @kuzduk No, it copies the URL from the Address bar.

  • @kuzduk I thought you were looking for keyboard control, which Copy URL+ also does.

    hm... I cant do it.Please help. I want copy adress from adres panel by Alt+C


    my URL+ setting - is it wrong for what i want?


  • @kuzduk I have no problem, using C, V and Alt-C as the hotkeys. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to configure the context menu, which of course is mouse-driven.

  • Url+ work with urls wia uder mouse cursor on page. I need copy from adress panel wia hot key: url+ cannot do it.

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    @paul1149 Please enlighten us how you made these shortcuts work in Vivaldi with URL+, since on my computer they perform no action when pressed, despite configuring them in the extension's settings. The context menu works, though it's not editable...

  • Here's what I have in keyboard options:


    I've never had a problem with this working. The context menu is another story.

  • ${URL}${n}${text} - is it right? Your screenshot has bad quality.

  • Yes, that is correct.

  • Don't work!!! Because it is aver function: this script copy adres from selected text on page. I NEED COPY FROM ADRES-PANEL.

    ![](image url)

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    @kuzduk I tried URL+ on both Vivaldi and Opera and it seems to be useless, since the keyboard shortcuts don't work in neither of them. I've got another solution for you.

    1. Install Custom Style Script extension (it's the only one I found, that is capable of inserting custom JS on every website).
    2. Click on the extension's icon and then click on the gear icon (Open Options Page).
    3. In the URL field (on the bottom of the page) add an asterisk: *
    4. In the JavaScript field paste the following code:
    function copyURLcustom(k) {
    	if (k.altKey && k.keyCode == 67) {
    		var textArea = document.createElement("textarea"); = 'fixed'; = 0; = 0; = '2em'; = '2em'; = 0; = 'none'; = 'none'; = 'none'; = 'transparent';
    document.addEventListener('keyup', copyURLcustom, false);
    1. Click the "plus" button on the right (white plus on a black background).
    2. Refresh all the opened pages, or just restart Vivaldi.

    Now each time you press [ALT]+[C] keys, the current tab's URL should be copied into your clipboard. I haven't tested it on too many websites though (only just a few, to make sure that it works), so you might want to use it for a while, to see if it works for you everywhere. If you find any website on which the code doesn't work (or gives you wrong URL), just let me know.

    Keep in mind that it won't work on internal pages, like vivaldi://bookmarks etc.

    (Credits: I've used some of the Dean Taylor's code, from his reply on StackOverflow)

  • Oh! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work!

  • All the same, I hope the creators of the program will add the function "Copy Address" in Vivaldi settings

  • It work not stable via Custom Style Script 😞
    Sometimes copies, and sometimes not...

    I hope the creators of the program will add the function "Copy Address" in Vivaldi hot keys settings

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    Perhaps it's the fault of the extension itself (you can always try that code with another extension) or there is some JS on the page itself, that interferes with the simple code I wrote. I don't know since I'm not using it. Just FYI: there has been a new option added to Vivaldi's context menu in version 1.7.735.11: "Copy Page Address". It can't be assigned any hotkey, though. Maybe you should make a request for such feature in this thread.


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