Disable Find in Page (CMD + F) in PDF viewer addon

  • There is a great PDF viewer extension, that's blazingly fast and convenient to use. However, in Vivaldi when I press CMD+F to search the PDF file, I also get a Vivaldi's native search bar, which is bound to the same key as "Find in Page" function. So I get two search bars instead of one and Vivaldi hijacks the more useful search bar provided by the addon, which is rather annoying
    Somehow Chrome is smart enough to understand that I only want to use the search bar provided by the addon and NOT open its native one.

    Is there a way to disable Vivaldi's native in-page search function for these use cases and just rely on the addon functionality?
    Thank you!

    See the screenshot comparison below, the red #2 caption is the extra Vivaldi "Find in Page" toolbar, which Chrome is smart enough not to show


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