Feature requests for Vivaldi's new forum

  • @josephj11 It took me a minute to figure out what you were saying, but that works. Thanks.

    I would still rather have it not jump in the first place.

  • We definitely need something to manage "Feature requests" section because it became a total mess...

    Permanent reposts / off-topic discussions / bug reports / multiple occurences of similar ideas...
    Also browsing through 50+ page flood in multiple threads created with every release is a terrible experience 😠
    Or trying to figure out that some feature is already partially implemented...

    Below are example screens taken from UserVoice - some paid system

    Other example systems:

  • @ROTFL
    That's look nice.

    But, isn't just same mess if (taken from example screenshot) any one have better idea/opinion about same main idea, and add one post each?

    • Main: Add snap to grid.
    • person1: Add snap to grid, but color the grid.
    • person2: Add snap to grid, but don't color the grid.
    • person3: Add option/toggle for options above.
    • person4: Don't use grid. Use ruler like other browser.
    • person5: I don't like person1 ~ person4.

    So on until the 100th person.

  • @dLeon But:

    • there is some grouping - in one place one feature is discussed
    • there are less reposts of "general" ideas
    • there are no "resets" of discussion after each release - so voting would work as it should
    • it is much easier to browse / search for something
    • you can see which ideas are popular and which are not
    • it is easier to spot what is done

  • @ROTFL Yeah, but by now I don't think the feature request thread holds much meaning, other than collecting all requests in one thread (keeping the rest of the forum clean) and being a vent for users who want to see something implemented. I would be surprised if the system was changed.

  • @luetage said in Feature requests for Vivaldi's new forum:

    Yeah, but by now I don't think the feature request thread holds much meaning, other than collecting all requests in one thread (keeping the rest of the forum clean) and being a vent for users who want to see something implemented.

    This would be sad if that's how it works...

  • @ROTFL
    I like the grouping idea.

    I check around & stumble to other one that looks good too.

    I seek around something related to NodeBB so it could be integrated to this forum without the need to changing server or stuff. Seem None. Even NodeBB forum Feature Request sub-forum exactly like here per 2017. https://community.nodebb.org/category/5/feature-requests.

    I think, in the essence all of those voting feature/plugin basically just like https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests main sub-forum (see also NodeBB sub-forum above).
    It's just that we've been sent to one thread. That became a nightmare after passing page 5. Sum it with each poster has their own way to write their request.

  • With the amount of spam infesting the forums on a daily basis, I think it would be a good idea to introduce counter measures. Hard to tell what could work, but some ideas.

    • Only 3 posts a day, 1 post per hour max, for the first week after sign up.
    • Only 3 posts a day, 1 post per hour max with zero reputation, 1 post a day with negative reputation.
    • Only 1 new thread per day for new users in the first month.
    • Only 1 new thread per day with zero reputation, posting threads disabled for negative reputation.

    Extreme examples obviously.

  • Can you add the option to change the account e-mail please? Thank you 😛

  • @MrSanchez Yep, this is needed. Vivaldi is the only online community I know, where you can't do this easily... This is really a problem.

  • @luetage They can do it easily, they might even be taking care of it as we speak XD

  • @ROTFL I like idea informer style; simple and clear: you see both opened/closed requests and search everywhere before to post to see if it was asked or not. Dupes can easily wiped out.

  • Change the Hide Entire Compose Dialog icon and add a tool tip
    I'm referring to the large red circle with a white plus sign in it which appears whenever I am composing a reply on the Vivaldi forums.

    This icon makes no sense to me. A plus shouldn't make things go away. It should be something like icons used for expanding/collapsing lists like ^ v > <, or it could start out as a minus and change to a plus when the dialog is hidden.

    Maybe the simplest choice would be the standard "underscore" Minimize Window icon alternating with the standard Maximize Window icon.

    In any case, having a tool tip for it would allow users to figure it out "non-destructively" - without any perceived risk.

    When I am making a comment, I have an idea in mind that I want to express. I may have already typed some of it. At that point, I am not adventurous - willing to risk losing what I have typed just to see what an icon does. I also don't want to break my concentration. That's why, when I initially saw it, it looked dangerous and I just avoided it for weeks.

  • A suggestion for the forum to join the best response option, ie the owner of the topic would mark the answer that really helped him and the user who searches for this same error could find faster without needing to go on the last page of the topic.

  • @Nlope Nice idea, but this isn't stackoverflow, and even there often a suboptimal answer/solution is being selected by the OP, when better ones are available. Users can just read the thread and make up their own mind, of course you can always post yourself and point out what helped you and why. Serves the same purpose, doesn't confuse members.

  • @luetage Good I participate in some forums here of Brazil that uses this and, in any way confuses the contrary helped me in many cases. The user chooses this feature if you want, it is not mandatory to choose a "best response" ever.

  • Please add spoilers, so you can hide screenshots and GIFS

  • Option for post images as miniature

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  • This post is deleted!

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