Feature requests for Vivaldi's new forum

  • @g_bartsch said in Feature requests for Vivaldi's new forum:

    Can you remove the blue line?

    Use this:

    .topic .posts>li.highlight>hr {
        border-color: #eee;
        box-shadow: none;
        transition: none;

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    @Saskatchewan - Thank you from Alberta. Testing now.

  • @ROTFL said in Feature requests for Vivaldi's new forum:

    I'd like forum to look by default like that:
    [Brighter stripes]
    [Darker stripes]

    And please replace this icon with something more intuitive like cog / arrow / ellipsis / ...

    That can be done with the following user CSS:

    li[component="post"] > hr, /*hide the horizontal rule line at the end of most posts */
    .post-bar > hr {             /*hide the horizontal rule line at the end of the first post */
    li[component="post"] {
        padding: 20px 0 /*add padding to compensate for the lack of the horizontal's rules 20px+20px of margin*/
    li[component="post"]:nth-child(odd) {
        background: #e4e4e4;
    .fa-ellipsis-v:before {
        font-size:130%; /* Adjust the size to your preference and depending on the symbol chosen below. */
        content: "\2699";       /* Gear. Use instead "\f013" if you want to use the FontAwesome webfont set's gear icon. For "\2699" the browser falls back on some local font. */
        /* Or you can use one of these. (Delete the "/*" at the beginning of one the lines to uncomment. */
        /* content: "...";      /* Elipsis - "\2026" would work too, but is spaced a bit more, at least in my browser. */
        /* content: "\21E9";    /* Down arrow. Use \f063 for the FontAwesome icon sets's down arrow */

    Edit: Huh... After editing, the new forum doesn't give any indication to readers that it was edited, other than (apparently) updating the post order to put the edited post at the end of the thread. Combined with the vague "# [days|months|years] ago" timestamping, that could get confusing.

  • @gaelle Hi Gaelle,

    First of all THANK YOU for a fantastic browser! It is easily the best of what is currently available, and I love it. I miss my beloved Opera 12.17, and Vivaldi is getting closer all the time. Here are a few "wish list" items for your team to consider.

    In a nutshell, I want all of Opera 12's features! I know that's a bit broad... so more specifically, I hope Vivaldi will consider adding some of Opera 12's best features, like community-designed themes, and drag/drop icons for the Navigation bar for tasks like print, fit-to-width, Top Ten bookmarks, etc. (I'm referring to Opera 12 tabs bar, right-clicking in open space, then select Appearance/Customize/Buttons tab). SO many options.

    Small nitpicks would be to have the homepage button open in a new tab, rather than over the current tab. Access to stored bookmarks on the Nav panel- as opposed to just the option to save new ones- would be nice for those who prefer to bypass the side panel.

    Thanks again- is there a PayPal donation option available? I know the Opera/Vivaldi community would love to help!

    David Ferrara
    St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Visual feedback about voting.

    Highlight the Up and Down arrows if the user has already upvoted or downvoted a post, it is currently it's impossible to know without clicking to see how punctuation changes. Eventually useful also at the blog.

    Possible mockups:

    Also think the i menu (with the editing and sharing options) would be more descriptive if it had instead a three dot icon or a "hamburger" menu icon instead

    alt text
    alt text

  • @duarte.framos Yup. Great idea 🙂

  • What about WebM embedding? 😛
    Currently it seems impossible to upload GIF files...
    0_1479943840050_Bez tytułus.png

  • In Infinite Scrolling Mode make the thread options toolbar always visible.

    The one with the post count, reply, mark unread, watching and sorting options, either stick it to the top, or sticky-ed to the bottom (of the window), or alternatively add some sort of floating Go to First and Got to Last post shortcut buttons always visible.

    Currently one can't really access those easily unless we are viewing the first and last post, especially on lengthy posts, making it it is impossible to sort or reply to a very long thread without lots and lots of scrolling; since scroll to top and scroll to bottom won't work here either because of the dynamic loading system.

  • Is there currently any "search in thread" option? If so couldn't figure out where it is.
    Otherwise new feature request:

    Search in current thread, a must for infinite scrolling mode.

  • I think that "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" icons of new forum should be changed, because many users would to mistake meanings of these icons. I thinked these icons were navigation of topic. So, when I clicked a down arrow button, I was suprised to be displayed "-1"!

    alt text

    When I clicked this button, I thinked to move to the bottom of this topic. So, I think these icons should be changed like Vivaldi blog.

  • These simple smileys do not appear to have a corresponding svg (they're generated automatically). Either add a file for them or stop converting them to images
    🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  • @iAN-CooG now they are displaying. 👍

  • @kyu3a I agree, but it's not a big issue. You already learnt what they do. Just click the thumbs down/up link again to remove it.

  • Hi, it would be nice if "Mark as Read" in Unread section remember what I have marked.
    For example I never read Lounge comments and never read Chinese posts too but I have to Mark as Read every time.
    After 2-3 days Unread is mostly 99+ posts.

    Thanks from a long term happy Vivaldi user, mib

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    @mib2berlin You can go to the categories you're not interested in, click the button "Watching" and change it to "Ignoring". 😉

  • @pafflick, yeah, thank you for the hint.

    Cheers, mib

    The last time I tried to perform an edition on a post that I had written, I noticed that time for doing it was finished. It was not a surprise for me, because on the ambit of Markdow, it became alike to Opera Forums, that gives/gave 30 minutes for editions.

    This generates my solicitation. In the space for the personal posting, at Opera's, there is / there was a tool that informs time remaining for edition, that decreases from 30 minutes until zero, when this indication also disappears, clearly meaning no time remaining for editions.
    From the last time I did an edition, until today, I still don't know how much time Vivaldi gives for this.
    Then, I ask that the team gently considers give us a tool that keep us informed about. Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Vivaldi webdevs!
    Please don't make me click "login" inputbox every time I enter login page (https://login.vivaldi.net) 😛
    It'll be great if focus could be automatically moved into login box 🙂

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    @tsukashu I'd say that Markdown is the most dumbed-down (and thus easiest to use) text formatting system that I've seen on a forum (apart from WYSIWYG editors). Formatting text with BBCode was not much simpler than using HTML, since it had similar opening and closing tags system (in many cases the syntax was identical to HTML, just with different brackets).

    You have the basic formatting options here, you can use them by simply selecting the text and clicking a button. Is it THAT complicated? And some of them are even quite intuitive (like using the lists), so that even a person which is not familiar with Markdown can easily use it. You are really the first person to say that BBCode was simpler than Markdown... 😮

  • @pafflick said in Feature requests for Vivaldi's new forum:

    some of them are even quite intuitive

    I don't think lists are intuitive. If, like most users, you're more familiar with BBcode, then it is easier than learning a new system.

    1. First, you have to know that one asterisk starts a list, while two marks the beginning of bold text.
    2. Second, you have to know that you need to type a period after the number and not a parenthesis.
    3. No-one almost no-one would intuit that you have to use a double-tilde to mark the beginning and end of strikeout text. It's hardly any different to knowing the <s>strikeout</s> code of other forums.

    However, in both types of forums, using the buttons is the easiest. It would be nice if the blogs would use the same markdown code as the forums, then my signature would work in both places.

    BTW Does Table Markdown work here?

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