New tab extensions not working.

  • I've tried adding two extensions to my browser however it doesn't seem like either of them are working.

    Extensions in question are: Currently and Momentum which are designed to show time/ date and other things on the new tab window.

    These are designed to open up on new tabs, however it looks like vivaldi is overwriting them and continues to open the new tab screen with the speedial/bookmarks/history window instead. I'm not seeing any settings in the tab preferences which can allow extensions to work on new tabs like they are designs.

    Has anyone been able to get these extensions to work successfully?

    Vivaldi team can you look at including an option so these types of extensions work on new tabs like they are designed too?

    Thanks in advance and regards,


  • @abrennan Change the setting of new tab page open to a blank page and see if that allows it to work.

  • That option doesn't work, it just opens a blank page in a new tab.

  • @abrennan Well was worth a try anyways I have no other ideas here.

  • @MacUser2525 Thanks for your suggestion, it was worth a shot for sure. Hope someone from the Vivaldi team might have an idea regarding this. 🙂


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