Rendering Quirk?

  • On mac os 10.12.1 (Sierra) some pages, noticeably the NY Times, are rendered in a text mode (see attached). This started a few weeks ago about the time I installed Sierra though I can't be precise. Vivaldi is current and problem occurs with a fresh install of Vivaldi. Any ideas as to cause?!!!![0_1478804156718_nyt-bad.png](Uploading 100%)

  • @cello14 said in Rendering Quirk?:


    Your link doesn't work -- name of the link has to go into first bracket, the link itself into the second. But the link can't work even if copy/pasted since the address isn't complete...

    It's likely an issue with Sierra but who knows. Generally it's not advisable to update to a new macOS early in its life cycle.

  • @cello14 , @luetage
    Uploading images should work now!

  • @steinar I used upload link again and got another error message about 'permission denied'.

  • Solved the problem by deleting vivaldi app, downloading new copy of same version (1.4) and reinstalling. Prior copy was result of several upgrades and may(?) have been corrupted in the process.


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