Copy buffer in recent snapshots

  • The behavior of the copy buffer in the last snapshot versions makes those almost unusable for working. I have still not found how vivaldi decides what buffer to use.
    I am selecting something in a different window (xterm) ion another virtual desktop with the mouse. If I paste this (using middle mouse button) in another xterm in the same virtual desktop as vivaldi, the buffer gets inserted as intended. But If I try this pasting in vivaldi, (e.g., in a google serach field or alike) some old content gets inserted there.
    And even worse, it inserts this wrong content into the paste buffer, overriding my initial selection.
    Most of the time it sort-of works if I first paste the buffer into another window on the same virtual desktop, then select it again there before trying to paste it to vivaldi.

    But if I then create a new window using the + button, and try to paste into the Google field in the address bar, YET ANOTHER even older paste buffer gets inserted there.

    As I wrote, this currently makes vivaldi almost unusable for intensive searches that I regularly need to perform.


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