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  • Hi guys, been checking out the forum all the time but it's my first time posting.

    Just wondering if it is something that the browser can solve as the new seems to be very incompatible with Vivaldi.
    Initially I thought they basically regressed and made the site much worse than before and even sent them a long feedback from my experience with it.
    But after trying out with Edge, Opera etc., I realized that functions like drag and drop for mails to folders, as well as opening attachment to view in new tab, cannot be executed using Vivaldi browser.

    Anyone else experiencing these issues?

    I understand that may not provide the best mail management and some of you might suggest using other site/clients/apps instead, but I am just very used to using and as much as the changes have not been very pleasant for me, I hope to stick with it and that it will continue to improve upon itself in time to come.

    Not sure if these issues are on their side or the browser's side (e.g. Medium does not support posting using Vivaldi so we can't do anything about it either except for using an agent switcher) so hoping that someone can help me out!
    And that perhaps someone in the team can take note of this and "fix it" if it's possible.

    Thank you so much!! (:

  • The issue happens with Chrome or Firefox? If it doesn't, then please submit a bug report with as many details as possible. I'm waiting to see an email show up on my inbox so I can confirm it.

    No one should recommend you to switch mail app, it's a very good one.

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    I can confirm that Vivaldi has issues with drag and drop in as well as Office365 online.
    It is not possible to drag a message from to a mail folder.

    And there's more issues in relation to Office365. Just now I tried to create a new Excel questionnaire and after having edited the title, I was not able to add the first question.

    Also, when I want include a link into an e-mail message, I use CTRL-K which pops up the URL-field alright. Unfortunately the pop-up does not not receive the input focus and I have to first click it with the mouse before I can enter (or CTRL-C copy) the URL in place.

    It would be nice if these kinds of small annoyances with / Office365 could be resolved.

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    The Drag&Drop problems are a bug in Chromium code base and occurs in webpages (these are called webview).
    Will be fixed.
    Sorry for your inconvenience.

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    I know it's not exactly what you've been asking for (so please consider my post as a remark or as a suggestion rather than as a solution), but the issues you described are somewhat related to the reasons why I use Microsoft Edge as my 3rd browser (after Vivaldi and Opera 12.02). It's just that the Microsoft's services (which I use a lot, like the Office Online, Outlook, OneDrive etc.) unsurprisingly work best with their browser. And while there is no reason, why it shouldn't work properly in other browsers too, issues like these are unfortunately unavoidable.

    Plus, Edge keeps me always logged in (when you are logged in Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, which comes in quite handy). 😎

    Also, Vivaldi - as of now - stands absolutely no chance against Edge when it comes to touch screen support. (I understand that they have more important things to do right now, but I'm looking forward for a better touch screen support in Vivaldi in the future as well).

    I'm not trying to convince you to use another browser, but this might be a good temporary solution to your problem. I just gave my reasons, but it's your choice. 😉

  • @Gwen-Dragon Okay thank you so much for the response!!
    Certainly looking forward to Vivaldi ironing out these little kinks to make our experience a much smoother one and I appreciate the team's efforts in improving the browser!

    @pafflick Thank you for your inputs! Tbh I was also considering using Edge when dealing with Microsoft services for the same reasons as well. But since my usage of Microsoft services is probably not as heavy as you, so far I have been able to just live with these issues, albeit not so comfortably. Just glad to know that I'm not the only experiencing this and that the team will be fixing it. Until then, I guess we have to either just live with it or to find out our alternatives to make things easier hahah.

    Thanks everyone else for the replies too! Have a great weekend ahead guys! ^^

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    @Gwen-Dragon said in Issues with the new

    The Drag&Drop problems are a bug in Chromium code base and occurs in webpages (these are called webview).

    I'm not privy of the code base, but the Google Chrome browser (any version in the last 12 months) does not suffer from this. So either they are doing something good or Vivaldi is missing out on something.

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    @S_Paternotte said in Issues with the new

    but the Google Chrome browser (any version in the last 12 months) does not suffer from this

    Yes, but it is known that Chrome does not have such problem. Unfortunately that does not solve the issue for Vivaldi.
    But if you know a fix, please feel free to give us this information.

  • @S_Paternotte Just realized that you posted a topic in relation to this issue 6 months back. Somehow I missed it while searching for such topics when I first faced this problem a month ago when my got unwillingly "upgraded" to the new interface.
    Well at least I know that there are actually others experiencing this issue as well, and that since it has been present for quite a while already, with you even reporting it half a year ago, hopefully something can be done to fix this soon.

    It's really pretty annoying though especially when other browsers do not face this issue somehow...
    Well too bad I'm not a developer or anything close to it, hopefully someone can help to rectify this issue soon.


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