Full Screen Video in Tiled Tabs

  • When viewing a video in fullscreen mode within a tiled tab, browser elements such as the tab bar disappear as if the video was playing in true fullscreen (taking up the entire display).
    My suggestion is that the video should only fill the tab tile (as it currently does) but also that the browser elements (such as the tab bar) should remain visible.

    Things that should be possible without gestures/keybinds (and aren't currently in above situation)

    • Browser controls: back, forward, refresh, home
    • Navigating a tab to a different address (via the address bar)
    • Closing/reordering/stacking tabs (via the tab bar)
    • Closing the browser window
    • Viewing downloads/notes/bookmarks (via the sidebar)

    Amazing browser and these issues will not be enough to get me off of Vivaldi. Keep up the great work!!!

    first image is what the browser looks like when the video is playing in fullscreen mode. (lower left tile is playing video)
    second image is what it looks like before playing in fullscreen mode
    1_1478672342110_after_fullscreen.png 0_1478672342109_before_fullscreen.png


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