Speed Dial image preview and so

    • Vivaldi's Speed Dial image preview is somehow blurred compared to other browser. And if no image preview is loaded, the visible grey rectangle placeholder gives me less information and ought to be some colored in Chrome Material Design related to other browser and Speed Dial and bookmark extension.

    • Perhaps the possibility switch the Speed Dial's grey placeholder size would be an advantage for all shopping tours. Presently, the Speed Dial gives less happiness for notorious shoppers. It is confusing to manage it once if is filled with many collected shopping notes since the overview is lost, since the placeholders small and too close sorted for clear visibility. Further, I miss the opportunity in Speed Dial use drag and drop sort my bookmark pictures in folders within the category.

  • @myopic Sometimes it is useful to delete the picture displayed in frame of Speed Dial bookmark. So alone the grey frame stay ahead. This organisation from grey frame bookmark and picture frame bookmark increase the overview.


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