Tabs going all the way to the top of the screen?

  • I just installed Vivaldi after using Chrome for many years and there is one detail that I really miss from Chrome.

    In Chrome, with the tab bar on the top, the tabs go all the way up to the top of the screen where the cursor can travel. This means that if I move the cursor to the extreme top of the screen and click, I will click the tab button. This means I don't have to align the cursor vertically to the tab. As soon as I hit the top of the screen and click, I hit the tab button.

    In Vivaldi, there is a small top bar that you can use to drag the window around. This means that my way of navigating from Chrome doesn't work and I either have to stop moving the cursor as it reaches the tab button, or move it to the extreme top and then down a little.

    This probably has it's uses for many, but it would be very nice if that small top bar wasn't there. Is this a possible option to be added, or is there some way to change this today with settings or extensions?

  • @Zephyp The space is needed for something different too:
    Stack some tabs and you see the stacking indicators there.
    Those extend to the edge of the screen btw.

    Yes, I don't think too, that it is optimum configuration but they need to be somewhere and I think there will be some improvements in the future...

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi @Zephyp,
    There is an option in settings under Tabs check the Remove Tab Spacing in Maximized Windows checkbox.

  • @isak
    Thank you! That fixed that problem.

  • I also think those 2 pixels aren't enough. I wish more to move around the browser window...


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