No [New Topic] button for me in [Vivaldi browser for Windows] category

  • Hi,

    I'm new here.
    I want to report the browser issues.
    But there is no [New Topic] button for me in the [Vivaldi browser for Windows] category.
    Why so? What should I do?

  • Strange, it seems like the whole "Vivaldi Browser" category has been restricted from creating new topics. I think it's by mistake. The new forum was launched a few days ago and at some point you were able to create new topics literally everywhere. I think someone was trying to sort this out and they mistakenly put restrictions on too many categories... 😜

    Anyway, why don't you report your issue here?

  • should be fixed now

  • @steinar
    Thank you for the fix.

    Thank you for BugReport entry. I will use that if I confirm a bug.

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