Linux clipboard bug fixes - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.3

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    We have fixed a couple of nasty regressions you reported related to the Linux clipboard and have continued to polish bookmarks, notes and tab dragging.

    Keep the reports of regressions since 1.4 coming!

    Known issues

    • No macOS build


    • [Linux][Regression] URL autocompletion overwrites clipboard content (VB-23016)
    • [Linux][Regression] Mouse selection is not always copied to the clipboard (VB-23042)
    • [Bookmarks] Context menu missing in empty area of bookmark manager (VB-23021)
    • [Bookmarks] [Notes] Do not consume F2 in panels and lists where inline editing is not in use (VB-23025)
    • [Notes] Renamed Titles should show on Insert Note Context Menu (VB-23030)
    • [Notes] Cannot attach the file the same as directly the last one attached (VB-5941)
    • [Tab DND] Dropping to TabStack is Slow and Flickers (VB-23046)
    • [URL Field] Autocomplete triggered on pressing backspace at the end of URL of the current tab (VB-22895)
    • Space in search engine nicknames renders them unusable (VB-20049)
    • Blank page on Google maps: new fix (VB-21248)
    • Back, Forward, Reload buttons not active after moving a tab to another window (VB-21224)
    • Add status bar notification when hovering Notes, Downloads and History (VB-23023)

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