Mega app + Vivaldi labels + crazy look + reload icon

  • 1.)
    I already add a Mega app from (
    but I can't see icon or context menu from Mega ... ?

    Please it is somewhere picture of Vivaldi browser where is name every part of Vivaldi (with labels)?

    How do we call part marked 1. (it's possible to change order of icon and size?)

    and in this part looks some icon (marked 2.) really crazy look at print screen below
    (in this case "Pocket" icon but "bitly" looks nearly same...)

    it is possible reload icon (3.) move from left-hand side to right-hand side?


  • @palocx Icons 1 & 2 are for extensions you have installed.

    At present it is NOT possible to re-order the icons, but it has been requested and will come.

    Regarding the mega extension, I don't know it - but not all extensions are compatible Vivaldi. Does the extension actually work?

    There is a forum for extensions, you could check there

  • @TbGbe

    ok, mega no problem

    before Vivaldi I was about 75+% FireFox +15% Chrome and few % Opera browser user
    its maybe why I am more sensitive for mouse using in this case...
    ((Now I try more Vivaldi (about 20-30% and FF))

    I think 70-80% I use mouse right-hand side but reload is just opposite side (28" monitor) and it is impossible to change 😞

    regarding icon it is problem to recognize some icons
    looks crazy red (browser) +red (icon) (marked 2)
    I mean problem in Vivaldi is to recognize some icons.
    I checked other browsers and I don't find any similar problem to recognize icons like in Vivaldi. :o

    But anothers icon in another situation tooo.
    Not only this sample.
    It is general ergonomic? problem like first case (with mouse)
    Just now I have 2 icons completely unreadable or how can I say ...?

    You can try a few extension with some colors and you can see... !

    and my second question?

    I mean something similar like
    (but in this example is not labeled browser parts, not soo good example...)

    (I am FF a Vivaldi user because I don't like monopol, now step by step nearly google browser monopol.)

    I dont like this type of google marketing, evryvere.
    Because you can see at every platform some problem sometimes

    (0_1480495782689_Vivaldi-unsuported-browser-for-google.jpg image url)

  • @palocx Regarding 4 (icon colour) you can use Vivaldi Theme to change the colour of the Address Bar/Extension field to something else. Also can choose whether it changes depending on Web Site (Accent Colour).

    I don't know of a layout description for Vivaldi - but it is the same terminology for all browsers (I believe). Maybe there is one on Wiki etc??

    Not sure what you mean by Google Marketing; but as Vivaldi is a "new" browser not all sites will have been updated to recognise it (although I'm not sure why they would need to, I thought checking browser names had died out years ago).

    Also, Vivaldi uses the same engine as Google Chrome and Opera, so simple checking may get it wrong !


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