Vivaldi needs 1 to 3 seconds to begin loading at first call of a website

  • Hi, I'm a new user of Vivaldi. And I didn't find a solution for this problem: when I call a website for the first time, Vivaldi needs 1 to 3 seconds to begin to load. The next calls within this website are fast as expected. It looks like a DNS issue. But it isn't one. All other browsers and other devices with the same DNS settings are much faster. I already disables all extensions (only 3), but without success.

    Can anyone help?

  • @deelite Has nothing to do with extensions. Try some available browser speed tests on the internet. You will see that Vivaldi is significantly worse than Safari or Opera/Chrome. If you are looking for browser speed alone, Vivaldi is probably not the tool to use at this point in time.

    Although it has to be said that there is no delay in loading, it's just that Vivaldi has different steps of displaying the loading of a site. If you watch the reload button you will see that it displays an X as soon as you click on a link/start loading a site. It is in fact loading immediately.

    Even with its downsides Vivaldi is still my main browser most of the time. I don't care too much for the greatest speed, customisation/control is more important to me. And I'm sure with time Vivaldi is going to catch up.

  • I am seeing the same thing.

    This latency does not happen when using Chrome or Firefox.

    Disappointing since a really like this browser.

  • I run into the same thing as well. I thought it was just me. Clearly not. Hope Vivaldi devs can find a fix for this. It's annoying. :)

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    You're only waiting for visual feedback. Vivaldi acts instantly, no delay, to send a request for the web page. A better form of visual feedback to demonstrate this is included in the new 1.5 snapshots.

    By actual test, Vivaldi is NOT "significantly worse" in speed than Safari or Opera/Chrome. These others just fake you out with visual feedback that makes you think they act faster.

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