Bug: cannot edit Wordpress posts

  • With the newest version of Vivaldi, the Wordpress post editor is broken. It opens but one cannot load any media.

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    Cant reproduce this with 1.5.655.3 32bit on my Wordpress 4.6.1 and editor for Posts TinyMCE.

    Which "post editor" do you mean? Please explain precisely what does not work.

    Do you have any extensions in Vivaldi active which may block?

  • I am using Vivaldi 1.5.658.44 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    I edit several Wordpress.com sites.

    When I edit a blog post, there is a pop-up window that allows me to insert images, either stored on my computer or using the image url.

    It fails by both methods.

    No problem if I do the same using Opera.

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    I use Wordpress 4.7 on my domains and all works fine with 1.5 Stable and 1.6 Snapshot.
    "Add Media" works nice for me. Upload with the open file dialog or Dropping to drop zone.

    Sorry, but i can't reproduce with such short information.
    Please describe what you do in Wordpress Dashboard.
    Or show me a screen recording (GIF or video).

  • @Gwen-Dragon I've also been experiencing this issue.

    Using a Macbook Sierra with Vivaldi 1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit). After logging into the WordPress Admin Panel >> Appearance >> Customize I'm getting a blanks screen on the display side.

    The url being accessed is http://$domain.com/wp-admin/customize.php

    I've also been experiencing issues where some sites like bandcamp, random blogs won't load unless I clear my cookies. I'm attaching a screenshot of this as well.

    Vivaldi 1.5.658.56 Mac Sierra

    Let me know what other details you need to get this bug reproduced.


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