Will Posts with Full Extended LOOK be an option?

  • On MyOpera, my Blog page consists of 4 posts per page ... with all 4 posts displaying in their entirety. Likewise, many MyOpera members have similar setups with all their posts displaying in their entirety. Here on Vivaldi, currently the setup / LOOK in the My Blog Posts page is that just the Post Titles appear. This has more of a Forum LOOK instead of a Blog LOOK. Especially when you throw in that at this time we cannot customize our Blogs. Is there now or will there be a setting that will allow all Posts in a Blog Page to display in their entirety?

  • Vivaldi Team

    I totally agree.
    I've added this to the feature list.

  • Thanks, Tatsuki.

  • can you add also adding background color and font colors? this white on white hurts my eyes :D..
    thanks Tatsuki you are the best

  • ok… But i am waiting for a black found on my pages and also i don't find easy the navigation in blog,i just sea 2 of my articles with there photos and do't know how to open the other pages ... not easy practising mode .

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