Some problems on websites such as Mega, and high memory consumption.

  • Hello, I go straight to the problem, I have seen that in vivaldi, the site links loaded in a different way than normal.
    For example this is an open link by vivaldi:!LtEyCKYY!4dX5gc8yKh7dwv4CKUneMzpzk8glX08Lp2f8ly1xRB8

    But the correct link should be next. This is how open other browsers: (with the: " / ")!LtEyCKYY!4dX5gc8yKh7dwv4CKUneMzpzk8glX08Lp2f8ly1xRB8

    It is annoying when wanting to copy and paste links to a multi manager downloads.

    I also want to mention that I have problems uploading files to Mega. to be logged in Mega and try to upload large files in 3 parts of 1000 MB. everything is normal until the first load, to the second load Vivaldi stops and displays a black screen with a bird with feet up. I do not know that this error is due.

    Please also check the memory consumption of Vivaldi, lately I'm seeing that consumes more RAM.

    Thank you and please consider my comment for the following versions of Vivaldi. I love this browser and do not want to leave.


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