Translation error in the German language pack

  • Hi Vivaldi Team

    The German language pack has been translation errors since one year. Have a look to my screenshot underlined with red, please.

    0_1478455576790_Vivaldi Browser Translation Bug _ Nov 2016 - by myopic vivaldi community.png

    "Open link in background tab" - Link im Hintergrund öffnen
    "Reaload Image" - Bild neu laden

    This error emerge via context menu in multiple situations.

  • Hello,

    Those are Chromium strings. Those texts are in a Pak file inside the Locales directory in your root folder. Vivaldi translations, on the other hand, are in a JSON file at \resources\vivaldi_locales.

    Chromium strings are difficult to manage. Furthermore, there are thousands of Chromium strings, most of them already translated, but often poorly or incoherently translated. Most of them aren't even used by Vivaldi, so it's a waste of time to translate all Chromium strings.

    The team has been working on a way to allow the translation of those strings, but that is not as easy as it sounds.

    So, at the moment, the translators can't translate these strings, which is the reason why you see them in English. But rest assured that this is a known situation that should be fixed in the future.

    Best regards,

  • So that's why half of the menu , when I rightclick, is in English and the other half in Norwegian. Hopefully they will all be Norwegian some day.🙂

  • Moderator

    @myopic If you have any comments or feedback about the German translation, you can always post them here:

    Vivaldi Browser Übersetzungen - Fehler Korrekturen, Vorschläge

  • @1492sn In the case you buy a Hue Lamp immediately it will switch to your home language. 🙂 Well, Joke, make no cost yourself.


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