Proper support is missing for extensions that replace the "New Tab" page

  • I'm a developer of a new tab page replacing extension, and upon installing my extension I notice that the new tab page remains the same. Going into the settings and setting the "New Tab Page" option in the "Tabs" section into any predefined option does nothing. Similarly, setting it to "vivaldi://newtab" (which should work as expected and display the replaced new tab page) shows the page when opening a new tab. This applies to setting the "Startup > Startup Pages" as well.

    Ideally, there would be a predefined option to use the one provided by the extension, or "vivaldi://newtab" should open the extension's new tab page. Visiting said address normally seems to work, but when set in either of the 2 locations the aforementioned URL is opened instead.

    I didn't want to link the extension here to avoid making this post look like as self-promotion, but if it'd be useful for testing let me know and I can add a link to it.

  • @DJDavid98 That level of testing may require the devs to investigate.

    They don't take reports from the forums, this is for user discussion of problems.

    You should create a bug report
    Note: the bug database is closed to public, but they may contact you if needed via the info you provide in the report.

  • @DJDavid98 I have Momentum extension installed and setting startup page to vivaldi://newtab always bring me into Momentum page. Are you sure it's not your implementation?

    but I agree, there should be more transparent way of handling tab-replacing extension.

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